Online EN 1010

This page contains links to course syllabi and reading/assignment schedules which are designed specifically for online sections of EN 1010, Introduction to Writing, at Salt Lake Community College.  FYI: the information on this site is tailored to courses which are using The Academic Writer by Lisa Ede.

For links to information about specific writing assignments, handouts, readings, etc., please check the other pages on this site.

Current Info for Spring 2014:

Sample Syllabus.Online 1010

Sample Schedule.Online 1010

FYI: Last semester – Fall 2013 — sections of Online EN 1010 at SLCC switched the platform for our weekly online chats from Wimba to Big Blue Button (BBB), a platform you can access via the Conferences link on your course site in Canvas.  We encourage online instructors to play around with the Conferences link on Canvas to familiarize themselves with the different features of this platform.  You can also find a wealth of valuable info at the BBB company website: Big Blue Button.  If you click on the “Overview” tab and then the link for videos, you will find a list of helpful tutorials. The following YouTube video will be helpful as yo u work to learn the ins and outs of moderating a chat/presenting a class in BBB:

Spring, Summer & Fall 2013:

General Syllabus for Online EN 1010.Fall 2013

Course Schedule.Online EN 1010.Fall 2013

General Syllabus for Online EN 1010.Summer 2013

Course Schedule for Online English 1010.Summer 2013

General Syllabus.Online EN 1010

Online Course Schedule


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